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Technology Committee

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The Technology Committee consists of members approved and confirmed by the City Council. Members are residents of or persons who work in the City of Sammamish, selected for their knowledge, expertise, and/or interest in the field of technology.

The duties of the Advisory Board are:

  1. To study and make recommendations to the City Council on issues referred to the Board by the Council of community-wide interest relating to technology, including such issues as cable television access and the technology needs of City government.
  2. Upon the request of the City Council, to conduct hearings and workshops on technology issues and to report the Board's findings and recommendations to the City Council;
  3. To perform such other duties as may be identified by the City Council and referred to the Board for action.


  • Steven Baker, Technology Committee Member
  • Thomas Green, Chair
  • Greg McConaughey, Technology Committee Member
  • Steve Van Wambeck, Technology Committee Member
  • Less Wright, Technology Committee Member


Staff Contact

City Hall Reception, (425) 295-0500.