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Advisory Boards

Arts Commission
The Sammamish Arts Commission serves as an advisory body to the City Council in matters concerning the promotion and facilitation of public art in the community Mission Statement "Integrating art and culture to create a...
Beaver Lake Management District
City Council
The Sammamish City Council is elected at large by the community. The Council elects from itself two members to serve as Mayor and Deputy Mayor. Council members form Committees to focus on specific topics, and meet at various...
Community and Economic Development Committee
Finance Committee
The Finance Committee is a City Council enacted Committee comprised of three Councilmembers serving one-year terms. The Committee members elect a Chairperson to serve in organizing and conducting the scheduled committee meet...
Parks and Recreation Commission
An advisory group to the City Council on issues relating to the delivery of parks and recreation services to the citizens of Sammamish.
Planning Commission
Makes planning policy recommendations to the City Council and offer advice on development regulations. The commissioners will also make recommendations on periodic adjustments to the city’s comprehensive plan.
Public Safety Committee
Sammamish Youth Board
The SAMMAMISH YOUTH BOARD’s mission is to unite youth, adults and government to form a relationship that promotes equality and mutual respect, as well as to create integral activities that lead to a stronger community. The Ci...
Technology Committee
The Technology Committee consists of members approved and confirmed by the City Council. Members are residents of or persons who work in the City of Sammamish, selected for their knowledge, expertise, and/or interest in the f...