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City of Sammamish
City Council Minutes
Regular Meeting
August 2, 2000

Councilmembers present: Mayor Jack Barry, Deputy Mayor Troy Romero, Councilmembers Don Gerend, Ron Haworth, Kathleen Huckabay and Kenneth Kilroy.

Councilmembers absent: Phil Dyer

Staff present: City Attorney Bruce Disend, Director of Administrative Services Dennis Richards, Chief Richard Baranzini, Public Works Director Ben Yazici, City Engineer Dick Thiel, Community Development Director Ray Gilmore, and City Clerk Melonie Anderson.

Student Liaisons: Linn Yang, Eastlake High School

Roll Call/Pledge

Roll was called. Lin Yang led the pledge.

1. Approval of Agenda

MOTION: Councilmember Huckabay moved to approve the agenda. Councilmember Gerend seconded. Motion carried 6-0.

2. Public Comment

Virginia Kuhn, 21822 NE 1st Street, As a member of the Sammamish Heritage Society she presented to Council a book written by Bert McNae, long time local real estate agent, entitled Vision, Guts and Money.

Susan Baker, 24215 SE 18th Place, Expressed concern over the fact that she and many of her neighbors were not informed about the public hearing for the development called the Laurels. She said they are listed as parties of record.

Dutch Hixenburg, 2707 Sahalee Drive E./Matt Holtmeier, 2204 226th Place NE, Spoke in support of building a skate park in the City for area youth to use.

3. Consent Calendar

MOTION: Councilmember Huckabay moved to approve the consent agenda. Deputy Mayor Romero seconded. Motion carried 6-0

    a) Claims for the period ending August 2, 2000 in amount of $76,765.18.
    b) Payroll for period ending July 15 totaled $58,975.23.
    c) Minutes of Special Meeting/Study Session June 28, 2000.
    d) Minutes of Regular Council Meeting July 5, 2000.
    e) Minutes of Regular Meeting July 19, 2000.
    f) Adoption of Vision Statement for the City

4. Unfinished Business

5. New Business

a) Ordinance No. O2000-67: Amending Ordinance No. O99-15 for the purpose of modifying the Building Code requirements for automatic sprinkler systems.

Community Development Director, Ray Gilmore gave the staff report. This ordinance was presented to the Community Development Committee several weeks ago. The major change was to increase the square footage threshold from 6,0000 to 10,000 square feet.

Councilmember Gerend questioned the last line of the ordinance 904.22, section 6 suggesting the last part of the line should stop at 10,0000 square feet.

MOTION: Councilmember Kilroy moved to approve an Ordinance for the City of Sammamish amending Ordinance No. O99-15 for the purpose of modifying the Building Code requirements for automatic sprinkler systems. Deputy Mayor Romero seconded the motion.

AMENDMENT: Councilmember Gerend moved to amend the ordinance by deleting the words in 904.22 , section 6: �or when the value of the structure alteration or repair of an existing building exceeds 50 per cent of the recognized replacement cost of the structure, without consideration of the depreciation, as determined under the Marshall Valuation Service Cost Handbook, whichever is greater.� Councilmember Kilroy seconded. Amendment carried 6-0.


b) Ordinance No. O2000-68: Establishing a Surface Water System Development Deposit.

Public Works Director Ben Yazici presented the staff report. this ordinance would ensure developers, not the subsequent homeowners, would pay The Surface Water fees, as Council directed. He then introduced Angie Sanchez Virnoche of Economic & Engineering Services. In her presentation she explained the process used to determine the Interim Development Deposit for Surface Water. All funds collected will be placed in an interest-bearing account until the formal system of development charges analysis is completed. No funds will be expended until the system has been adopted by ordinance. Mr. Yazici said the formal system of development charges should be completed with 60 to 90 days. He recommended Council discuss this ordinance tonight, ask questions, and suggest changes. Staff would make the recommended changes to the ordinance and bring it back for final consideration at the next regular meeting.

Councilmember Gerend suggested making the payment of such funds a condition on the final plat map to ensure that the cost of the development deposit is not being passed on to the new homeowner. Mr. Yazici said the Finance Department also requested that the disposition of the funds be changed. Changes to the ordinance will be made and the ordinance will be presented to Council again at the August 16, 2000 Regular Meeting

c) Contract No. C2000-58: Interlocal Agreement between King County and the City of Sammamish relating to Law Enforcement Services.

Administrative Services Director Dennis Richards gave the staff report. He reported that the Public Safety Committee has approved this contract.

MOTION: Councilmember Kilroy moved to approve the Interlocal Agreement with King County and the City of Sammamish for Law Enforcement Services. Deputy Mayor Romero seconded. Motion carried 6-0.

This contract will be in effect until 2002 and may be extended until December 31, 2004.

d) Discussion: Fire Services Agreement � Eastside Fire & Rescue.

City Manager Michael Wilson gave the staff report. This contract is important because it has opened a venue for dialogue that addresses regional planning for services, not just providing services to the City. The contract creates a coalition between Issaquah, Redmond and North Bend. It will be presented at the Study Session scheduled for Council on August 9 and then presented for final approval at the August 16 Regular Meeting. The contract provides for the City to receive Fire Services in the amount of $3.7 million dollars for fiscal year 2001 at the same or enhanced level the City receives now. The only thing left to revise in the agreement is payment in respect to capital equipment and facilities.

Councilmember Haworth pointed out the City will have representation on the board as soon as the agreement is signed. He also recommended members of the Public Safety Committee fill the City�s positions on the Board.

6. Council and Committee Reports
  • Council/Staff retreat will be held on September 9th from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Topics to be considered are Budget and Committee procedures. Items to be discussed will be the budget, committee assignments and committee procedures.

  • Councilmember Huckabay reported on the activities of the Finance Committee. They discussed the addition of the Accounting Clerk, The Development Services/Code Enforcement Officer and Public Works Administrative Assistant. The committee is strongly recommending approval and hiring of the additional staff.

  • She then reported on the Suburban City meeting she attended. The Metropolitan Transportation Plan was presented. It is a five year plan and will be setting guidelines for transportation the City of Sammamish must meet in order to receive federal and state money.

  • Councilmember Kilroy reported that the Public Safety Committee would begin dealing with safety issues on the Eastlake Sammamish Trail. He asked for staff to arrange to have the appropriate County staff attend the next Public Safety Committee meeting
7. City Manager and Staff Reports
  • Community Development Director, Ray Gilmore reported the Planning Advisory Board will have an preliminary meeting on August 10, 2000 to establish meeting dates, times and place.

  • There will be another Public Hearing for the Laurels on August 22 at Beaver Lake Middle School.

  • Administrative Services Director Dennis Richards reported the City is advertising for a Senior Planner. Staff is also working on finding some additional office space.

  • Police Chief Baranzini reported on the first annual National Night out. The final draft of the Emergency Plan has gone out to the members of the Emergency Planning Committee and will be presented to the Public Safety Committee soon. There were no juvenile alcohol-related fatalities during June.

  • Public Works is tracking the contracts Council has previously approved. 212th Street SE will be raised to prevent annual flooding. Staff is preparing for TIB grants. The department is also looking for additional space for staff.

  • City Attorney Bruce Disend reported that staff has developed a draft mediation process and it will be presented to Council soon.

  • City Manager Michael Wilson said the first �Friday Letter� with information for Council will be printed this Friday. Staff is enhancing the Complaint Tracking System. He also asked for some clarification on the requested staff positions.

MOTION: Councilmember Kilroy moved to direct the City Manager to hire a Finance Specialist and Development Services Technician. Councilmember Haworth seconded. Motion passed 6-0.

8. Public Comment

Gearod Gargitz, 50 201 Place SE, Asked for a completion date on 212th Street SE. He is concerned about emergency access on the street.

Tom Harmon, 2302 West Beaver Lake Drive, Beaver Lake is having a Triathlon on August 18.

Chris Layerly, 2634 208th Avenue SE, Commended the Council on their accomplishments since incorporation. He also commented on the road improvements at Pine Lake Middle School.

Deputy Mayor Romero asked Mr. Gilmore to add the Vision Statement to the Community Development Committee agenda for the next meeting.

MOTION: Deputy Mayor Romero moved to adjourn the meeting to Executive Session for the purpose of completing the City Manager�s six-month evaluation. Councilmember Huckabay seconded. Motion carried 6-0.

Council recessed from 9:45 PM to 9:50 PM. Executive Session began at 9:50 PM

9. Adjournment: Mayor Barry adjourned the meeting at 10:25 PM.

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