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Council Minutes
Regular Meeting
October 1, 2002

Mayor Troy Romero called the regular meeting of the Sammamish City Council to order at 7:30 pm.

Councilmembers present: Mayor Troy Romero, Deputy Mayor Ken Kilroy, Councilmembers Jack Barry, Don Gerend, Kathleen Huckabay and Michele Petitti.

Councilmembers absent: Councilmember Haworth.

MOTION: Deputy Mayor Kilroy moved to excuse Councilmember Haworth. Councilmember Huckabay seconded. Motion carried unanimously 6-0.

Staff present: City Manager Ben Yazici, Director of Administrative Services/Assistant City Manager Pete Butkus, Director of Community Development Ray Gilmore, Parks Manager Jeff Watling, City Attorney Bruce Disend and City Clerk Melonie Anderson.

Roll Call/Pledge

Roll was called. Councilmember Huckabay led the pledge.

Approval of Agenda

MOTION: Deputy Mayor Kilroy moved to approve the agenda. Councilmember Huckabay seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously 6-0.



  • Public Safety Committee (Councilmember Haworth): No report.
  • Finance Committee (Councilmember Barry): Finance Committee met this evening and the report for September was acceptable. Things are going well. Revenues are ahead of projection and ahead of last year.
  • Community Development Committee (Councilmember Huckabay) Councilmember Huckabay reported on the Puget Sound Regional Executive Committee meeting she attended last Thursday. Top key officials of Puget Sound Regional Council are going back to Washington D.C. to lobby for the reauthorization of Initiative 221, federal funding to cities. This money is only distributed to localities that provide matching funds. Referendum 51 will provide these matching funds.
  • Public Works Committee (Councilmember Gerend): Publics Works Committee met this afternoon. They discussed the Barricades on NE 42nd and NE 51st Street. Staff has studied the history behind the barricades and is recommending that the City require the developer to complete the improvements on NE 42nd, which is the first step in removing the barricades. Another public meeting should then be held regarding the removal of the barricade. The recommendation for the barricade at NE 51st is to leave it in place, as the road requires extensive improvements. The committee was updated on the status of the 224th/East Sammamish Corridor study. Two public meetings have been held to discuss possible alignments. The recommendation is to have more traffic modeling to determine whether the whole corridor is needed and when. Planning Advisory Board Transportation Subcommittee has been meeting regularly to resolve issues relating to concurrency, levels of service, and various other issues relating to the development of the Comprehensive Plan. The Issaquah/Pine Lake Road Extension project was discussed including the proposed Park and Ride lot.
  • Legislative Committee (Councilmember Petitti): She discussed Initiative 776, which again, will limit motor vehicle licensing fees to $30. This will severely impact city budgets. She requested the Council add this to a future agenda for Council to come out in opposition of the initiative. Cities and Counties have come up with a joint letter on Local Government Finance Options, which will be presented to the State legislature. She also noted that the City of Kent has two skate parks and is in the process of building a third one.
  • Eastlake High School Report (Student Liaison Will Voinot Baron): Tomorrow is Open House for parents to meet the teachers. Homecoming is Friday, October 25. The football team is undefeated this week.
  • Skyline High School Report (Student Liaison Elizabeth Cochrane): Will gave the report for the Skyline Representative. The football team is doing well.
  • Mayor Report: A press release prior to the Council meeting was planned to announce the transfer of Beaver Lake Park. Unfortunately, it was not ready but everything is in place for the transfer.


Phillip Esser, He represented the Sammamish Heritage Society and requested the City partner with the developer of the Crossing Development in acquiring and managing the Reard/Freed house, which was built in 1890. There are not many houses in Sammamish that are this old, and should be preserved on the site it was originally built.

John Tomlinson, Representing Deer Park Homeowners Associations. They are requesting help in maintaining an open space area adjacent to the development that they don�t own. They want direction from the City to work out a solution for improvement of this property.

Virginia Kuhn, She presented Council with a petition in support of preserving the Reard/Freed Farmstead. Eleven people signed it.

Nan Gordon, Spoke in support of preserving the Reard/Freed house.


1) Payroll for pay period ending September 15, 2002 for pay date September 20, 2002 in the amount of $114,969.16.

2) Claims for period ending October 1, in the amount of $739,503.02 for Check No. 6350 through Check No.6425

3) Minutes For September 17, 2002 Special Meeting

4) Approval: Copier Purchase

MOTION: Councilmember Barry moved to approve the consent calendar. Councilmember Petitti seconded. Motion carried unanimously 6-0.

New Business

First Reading: Ordinance Of The City Of Sammamish, Washington, Relating To School Impact Fees In The City; Amending Chapter 21a.43 (Impact Fees) Of The Sammamish Interim Development Code; And Adopting The Issaquah School District No. 411 Capital Facilities Plan And Impact Fee Schedule For 2003.

Community Development Director Ray Gilmore gave the staff report. The Issaquah School District has submitted the Capital Facilities Plan for the year 2003. This plan reflects an adjustment of impact fees downward for single family homes $3,924 ($262 less than last year) per unit and multifamily down to $750 per unit ($74 less than last year). This is a first reading of the ordinance.

Interlocal: King County for Transfer of Beaver Lake Park

City Manager Ben Yazici gave the staff report. Due to the current budget crisis being experienced by King County, the County is looking for ways to trim its budget. One of the budget cutting measures is either closing or transferring park and pool properties to the cities in which they are located. Since Beaver Lake Park is within the City limits of Sammamish, the City has reached an agreement for the transfer of the park to the City. The annual cost of maintaining the Park is $133,000, although the lodge at the park generates about $30,000 in annual income. The city will also assume the maintenance shop that is part of this park and that will allow the public works parks maintenance departments to move into that shop. He thanked the Council for being so supportive of helping keep this park open and operating to benefit all.

MOTION: Councilmember Gerend moved to authorize the City Manager to enter into an interlocal agreement with King County for the transfer of Beaver Lake Park. Councilmember Petitti seconded. Motion passed unanimously 6-0.

Deputy Mayor Kilroy questioned why the art in the park was remaining under King County control. Mr. Yazici explained that was because the city does not have the proper ordinances and procedures in place to properly maintain the art. Once these mechanisms are in place the city will work with the County to transfer the art as well.

Contract: Herrera/Eastside Catholic Consultant

Mr. Gilmore gave the staff report. Eastside Catholic High School has submitted a request for a Conditional Use Permit. Because they are a private school, there is no process in place for them to follow. They have agreed to hold a public hearing on this application and to perform an environmental impact statement, which will be prepared by a �third party� firm.

The staff interviewed four qualified consultants and choose Herrera Environmental Consultants be used for this report. They have experience performing similar studies. The contract is for $206,592 and Eastside Catholic will pay all fees. Staff is recommending approval.

MOTION: Deputy Mayor Kilroy moved to authorize the City Manager to enter into a contract with Herrera Environmental to prepare the Eastside Catholic High School Environmental Impact Statement in an amount not to exceed $206,592 with the applicant to pay all costs. Councilmember Huckabay seconded. Motion carried unanimously 6-0.

Councilmember Huckabay requested the scope of work to be clarified to specifically include the impacts of groundwater impacts that may be caused by the project.

AMENDMENT: Councilmember Huckabay moved to change the authorization stated on the contract from $206,592 and increase it by $10,000 if necessary to address the issues of groundwater impacts. Councilmember Petitti seconded. Motion carried unanimously 6-0.

Approval: Deputy Director, Community Development

Administrative Services Director/Assistant City Manager Pete Butkus gave the staff report. Recent attempts to fill the vacant position of Planning Director have been unsuccessful. The staff believes the compensation level is too low for the responsibilities of the position. Staff is recommending changing the job title to Deputy Director, Community Development. The salary level would be set at Grade 16. Because this position has been vacant since March as well as the downgrading of the Special Projects Planner to Senior Planner, there will be no additional increase in salaries paid.

MOTION: Deputy Mayor Kilroy moved to approve the position. Councilmember Gerend seconded. Motion carried unanimously 6-0.

City Manager Report

Sound Transit is moving forward with plans to construct a Park and Ride in the City. Transportation Manager Lee Haro gave an update on the project. He handed out a paper outlining the various sites that were considered and the criteria used for the selection. Sound Transit has chosen a location at the intersection of the Issaquah Pine Lake Road and 228th Avenue SE. The next step will be preliminary design work. A public open house will be held October 16, at 6:00 pm at Fire Station 83.

Mr. Yazici confirmed that the November 19 regular meeting will be rescheduled to November 20 and will begin at 6:00 pm. This is going to be a joint meeting with the Issaquah School Board.

PAB Comprehensive Plan Update

Will Sadler gave the report. He presented Council with a final schedule for deliver of the Comprehensive plan. The transportation element will have an interim delivery of mid-October, which will consist of Level of Service and Concurrency. The Housing and other elements will also be ready by then. Transportation will be complete at the end of November. Final delivery of the completed plan should be accomplished by January. The Development Regulations will be ready by the end of January. The entire PAB will report to the Council at each fourth Tuesday Study Session.

Council Recessed from 8:45 pm to 8:50 pm.

Sammamish Commons Report

David Schwartz, Civil Engineer, Sue Burgermeister, Wetland Specialist, Terry Rector, Landscape Architect and Rex Bond from ARC Architects presented Council with two alternatives for the location of City Hall on the Sammamish Commons property. They requested the Council make a decision between the two tonight so work can begin on the actual design.

The general consensus for the Council was that Plan B will preserve the view shed, will be more cost efficient because of existing roadways and utilities and will allow space for future addition of a Civic Center.

MOTION: Deputy Mayor Kilroy moved to approve Plan B for the development of a City Hall on the Sammamish Commons property. Councilmember Petitti seconded. Motion carried unanimously 6-0 (Plan B is attached to these minutes.)

Executive Session � Property Acquisition

Executive Session began at 10:15 pm

Council reconvened the meeting at 10:45 pm.

No action was taken.

Adjournment � Mayor Romero adjourned the meeting at 10:50 pm.


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