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Community Development


To guide growth and change consistent with the community vision in the Comprehensive Plan.
To improve our quality of life by promoting the health, safety and welfare of the community,
protecting and enhancing the natural and built environment.
To serve all members of our community in a responsive, consistent, and courteous manner.

The Department of Community Development (DCD) develops, administers and enforces the city’s standards for land use, design, construction and housing within the Sammamish city limits, provides a hearing examiner system for the review of major development applications and administrative appeals.

DCD is also responsible for long-range planning, including Sammamish’s Comprehensive Plan and related projects-transportation improvements, downtown and waterfront planning, and more.

Department activities include:

  • Long-range comprehensive planning
  • Land use policy advice to the City Council
  • Current planning and land use permits
  • Annexations and annexation policy development
  • Building permits
  • Building inspections
  • Environmental review
  • Planning publications (assistance brochures)

Director: Jeffrey Thomas
Deputy Director: Susan Cezar
Administrative Asst.: Debbie Beadle
Phone: 425.295.0500
Fax: 425.295.0600
Location: Sammamish City Hall
801 228th Avenue SE
Sammamish WA, 98075

Sammamish Planning Commission


Planning plays a central role in guiding Sammamish’s long term development.

  • Land Use Planning
  • Shoreline Master Program
  • Sammamish Town Center Plan
  • FAQs

Permit Center
Permit Center

The permit process varies depending on the size and complexity of a project and also according to the zoning of the property.

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  • Permit Types
  • Process Overview
  • Inspections
  • FAQs


The Building division serves to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public by the interpretation and enforcement of federal, state and local codes.

  • Building plan review
  • Building inspections
  • Code Enforcement * Coming Soon
  • FAQs
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Staff Contact

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Kurt Aldworth Building Official(425) 295-0544
Emily Arteche Senior Planner(425) 295-0522
Debbie Beadle GIS Addressing/Community Development Support(425) 295-0525
Steve Belzak Building Plans Examiner(425) 295-0540
Susan Cezar Community Development Deputy Director(425) 295-0521
Kathy Curry Wetland Biologist and Sr. Environmental Planner(425) 295-0527
Mona Davis Senior Planner(425) 295-0529
Carl de Simas Code Compliance Officer(425) 295-0547
Darci Donovan Customer Service and Permit Center Manager(425) 295-0530
Dawn Flores Building Plans Examiner(425) 295-0545
Rob Garwood Senior Planner(425) 295-0524
Chris Hankins Associate Planner(425) 295-0526
Tony Hudson Office Assistant(425) 295-0536
Brian Kirkland Building Inspector(425) 295-0542
Amy Koehnen Office Assistant (425) 295-0535
Devany Lunde Code Compliance Coordinator(425) 295-0548
Missy Marshall May Permit Technician(425) 295-0531
Evan Maxim Senior Planner(425) 295-0523
Scott Perron Building Inspector(425) 295-0541
Robin Proebsting Associate Planner(425) 295-0528
Jeffrey Thomas Director(425) 295-0520
Dee Warnes Senior Building Inspector(425) 295-0543