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244th Ave NE Non-Motorized Improvement Project

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Area Map


This project will be completed in two phases:

    Phase 1 - NE 8th Street to NE 11th Street.  COMPLETED.
    Phase 2 - NE 11th Street to NE 22nd Street.  COMPLETED.

The 244th Ave NE Corridor has seen much development in recent years.  The needs of the roadway have evolved from a rural county road to an urban collector road servicing home owners, schools, neighborhoods and other community services.  In an effort to meet the growing needs of the community and provide a safer travel route for pedestrians, bicyclists and the motoring public, the City is planning to make improvements to a portion of 244th Ave, from NE 8th Street to NE 20th Street. 

In general, the improvements will include sidewalk and planter strip on the west side of the road, plus widened shoulder for bike lanes on both sides.  Phase 1 will complete a gap between the NE 8th Street Roundabout and Rachel Carson Elementary, and has received contributing grant funds from the Transportation Improvement Board.  Phase 2 will continue the improvements north of the school.


Project Goals and Benefits

  • Improve safety by providing separate space for pedestrians, bicyclists and automobiles.
  • Improve water quality.
  • Improve traffic flow.



  • Winter 2010 – Topographic Survey and Preliminary Design
  • Spring 2011 – Project Design
  • Summer 2011 – Begin Construction on Phase 1
  • Fall 2011 - Complete Construction on Phase 1
  • Spring 2012 - Begin Construction on Phase 2
    • March 8, 2012:  Project advertised for bids (Estimate: $1.8M - $2M)
    • March 29, 2012:  Contractor Bids Due
    • April 3, 2012:  Council Award of Construction Contract
    • May 7, 2012 Construction Begins
  • Late summer:  Complete Construction


Public Involvement

  • January 13th, Open House Meeting


Staff Contact

Jed Ireland, Senior Project Engineer, (425) 295-0563