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Adopted Ordinances

Each adopted ordinance received at least two readings at an open public meeting and is frequently subject to a public hearing as well. Once approved, the adopted ordinance is codified, if appropriate, in the Sammamish Municipal Code.

The ordinance column links to an ordinance's detailed information, including its title, summary, resources and history, if applicable.

The ordinance title links to a copy of the ordinance in PDF form and the adoption meeting column to its meeting agenda, minutes, and any ordinance details.

OrdinanceTitleAdoption Meeting
O2013-364Interim Option for Extending Temporary Use PermitsView Meeting
O2013-363Amending Sammamish Comprehensive Plan Element 5 TransportationView Meeting
O2013-362Moratorium on Recreational Marijuana FacilitiesView Meeting
O2013-361Moratorium on Collective Marijuana GardensView Meeting
O2013-3602014 Tax Levy RateView Meeting
O2013-3592013/2014 Budget AmendmentView Meeting
O2013-358Street Vacation of a Portion of SE 32nd StreetView Meeting
O2013-357Street Vacation on a Portion of SE 28th StreetView Meeting
O2013-356Issaquah School District Impact FeesView Meeting
O2013-355Lake Washington School District Impact FeesView Meeting
O2013-354Snoqualmie Valley School District Impact FeesView Meeting
O2013-353Hours of Construction AmendmentView Meeting
O2013-352Relating to Hearing Examiner Time PeriodsView Meeting
O2013-351Adding Antiharassment Protection Order View Meeting
O2013-350Environmentally Critical Areas Code UpdateView Meeting
O2013-349Marijuana Related Facilities MoratoriumView Meeting
O2013-348Collective Medical Marijuana Gardens MoratoriumView Meeting
O2013-347Environmentally Critical Areas Sunset Provision ExtensionView Meeting
O2013-346JA Huvinen Street VacationView Meeting
O2013-345Building and Construction Code UpdatesView Meeting
O2013-344Impound Regulations AmendedView Meeting
O2013-3432013-2013 Budget AmendmentView Meeting
O2013-342Usage of Parks Impact FeesView Meeting
O2013-341Usage of Street Impact FeesView Meeting
O2013-3302013 Snoqualmie Valley Impact FeesView Meeting
OrdinanceTitleAdoption Meeting
O2011-3192011 - 2012 Budget RevisionsView Meeting
O2011-3182012 Property Tax Levy RateView Meeting
O2011-317Cottage Housing Pilot ProgramView Meeting
O2011-316Amending Accessory Dwelling Units and Duplexes RegulationsView Meeting
O2011-315Amending Sunset Clause for Environmentally Critical AreasView Meeting
O2011-3142012 Impact Fees for Issaquah School DistrictView Meeting
O2011-3132012 Impact Fees for Lake Washington School DistrictView Meeting
O2011-3122012 Impact Fees for Snoqualmie Valley School DistrictView Meeting
O2011-311Amending Terms for the Planning, Parks and Arts CommissionsView Meeting
O2011-310Transfer of Development Rights Amendments to RegulationsView Meeting
O2011-309Emergency Moratorium Prohibiting Collective Gardens For Medical MarijuanaView Meeting
O2011-308Shoreline Master Plan as Amended 07/18/2011View Meeting
O2011-307Authorizing the Extension of Reasonable Use and Commercial Site Development PermitsView Meeting
O2011-306Short Plat ApprovalView Meeting
O2011-305Fund Raising Sign RegulationsView Meeting
O2011-304Title 13 Surface Water ManagementView Meeting
O2011-303Amending the 2011-2012 City BudgetView Meeting
O2011-302Adopting a New Title 23 Code ComplianceView Meeting
O2011-301Recreation Center Access Road CondemnationView Meeting
O2011-300Electrical Vehicle Infrastructure RegulationsView Meeting
O2011-299Authorizing Professional Office Uses in R-12 and R-18 Zones and amending standards regarding animalsView Meeting
O2011-298Wireless Code AmendmentsView Meeting
O2011-297Transfer of Development Density Credits RegulationsView Meeting
O2011-296Amending Sign Regulations to Allow for Fundraising Signs in Rights of WayView Meeting
OrdinanceTitleAdoption Meeting
O2009-274Critical Areas Code Amendment Regarding Sunset DateView Meeting
O2009-2732009-2010 Revised Biennial BudgetView Meeting
O2009-2722010 Tax Levy RateView Meeting
O2009-2712009 School Impact Fees for Snoqualmie Valley School DistrictView Meeting
O2009-2702009 School Impact Fees for Lake Washington School DistrictView Meeting
O2009-2692009 School Impact Fees for Issaquah School DistrictView Meeting
O2009-268Extension of Emergency Wireless AmendmentsView Meeting
O2009-267Park and Recreation Commission Term ModificationsView Meeting
O2009-266Pilot Program for Electronic Reader Board SignsView Meeting
O2009-265Shoreline Master Plan UpdateView Meeting
O2009-264Ordinance Amending the City's Critical AreasView Meeting
O2009-263Ordinance pymnt of impact fees 7-15-09 - staffrevisions.View Meeting
O2009-262Rosemont AnnexationView Meeting
O2009-261Rosemont 60% PetitionView Meeting
O2009-260Credit card ordinance updateView Meeting
O2009-259Emergency Ordinance Wireless CommunicationsView Meeting
O2009-258Sign CodeView Meeting
O2009-257Budget Adjustment 2009-2010View Meeting
O2009-256Camden Park Annexation ConfirmationView Meeting
O2009-255Dog Leash ChangeView Meeting
O2009-254Wireless Emergency AmendmentView Meeting
O2009-253Permit TimelineView Meeting
O2009-252244th CondemnationView Meeting
O2009-251SEPA AmendmentsView Meeting
O2009-250Erosion Hazards Near Sensitive Water Bodies: OverlayView Meeting
O2009-249Minor Code Amendments View Meeting
O2009-248Code InterpretationView Meeting
OrdinanceTitleAdoption Meeting
O2001-97Adjusting estimated revenues and expenditures and adopting a revised personnelView Meeting
O2001-96Amount to be raised in 2002 on the assessed valuation of the property within the cityView Meeting
O2001-95Amending the 2001-2002 Biennial BudgetView Meeting
O2001-94Biennial Budget and ReviewView Meeting
O2001-93Beaver Lake Management District No. 1View Meeting
O2001-92Expand the city traffic engineers authority to regulate parkingView Meeting
O2001-91City clerk as the agent responsible to receive claims for damagesView Meeting
O2001-90Reappointment of Parks and Recreation Commission membersView Meeting
O2001-89Amending the established salaries for all city councilmembersView Meeting
O2001-88Extend the terms of office for the Parks and Recreation Commission membersView Meeting
O2001-87Amending Long and Short Subdivision RegulationsView Meeting
O2001-86Moratorium DevelopmentView Meeting
O2001-85Increases in 2002 stormwater ratesView Meeting
O2001-84Surface water system development chargeView Meeting
O2001-83Adopting the city's stormwater management comprehensive planView Meeting
O2001-82Amending Impound RegulationsView Meeting
O2001-81Condemnation 228th Avenue Improvement ProjectView Meeting
O2001-80Emergency due to damage caused by the February 28, 2001 earthquakeView Meeting
O2001-79Issuance, use and control of credit cards by city officials and employeesView Meeting
O2001-78Prohibiting excavations in city streets within five years of pavingView Meeting
O2001-77Moratorium DevelopmentView Meeting
O2001-76Authorize the city manager to sign contracts to purchase easements or rights-of-way without prior approval by the city councilView Meeting
OrdinanceTitleAdoption Meeting
O2000-75Adopting the 2001-2002 budgetsView Meeting
O2000-74Moratorium Wireless FacilitiesView Meeting
O2000-732001 Tax RateView Meeting
O2000-72Land use mediation programView Meeting
O2000-71Amending the 2000 BudgetView Meeting
O2000-70Violation of a stop work order a civil infractionView Meeting
O2000-69Surface water system development depositView Meeting
O2000-68Development RegulationsView Meeting
O2000-67Modifying the building code requirements for automatic sprinkler systemsView Meeting
O2000-66King County rural library districtView Meeting
O2000-65Limiting the sale and use of fireworks, and allowing for public displaysView Meeting
O2000-64Amending the Sammamish criminal code to include penalties for fire lane violationsView Meeting
O2000-63Hearing Examiner for Land Use DecisionsView Meeting
O2000-62Granting a franchise to Metricom, IncView Meeting
O2000-61Adopting a neighborhood traffic management programView Meeting
O2000-60Adopting interim public works standardsView Meeting
O2000-59Establishing a Six Year Transportation ProgramView Meeting
O2000-58Amending section 14 of the Sammamish building codeView Meeting
O2000-57Adopting an arterial classification planView Meeting
O2000-56Compensation plan for permanent city employees and repealing ordinance no. O99-53View Meeting
O2000-55Approval of the preliminary plat of Crosswater subdivisionView Meeting
O2000-54Flood damage preventionView Meeting
O2000-53Employee Compensation Program AmendmentView Meeting
O2000-52Establishing a criminal codeView Meeting
O2000-51Moratorium DevelopmentView Meeting
O2000-50Procedure relating to contract approvals and authorizing the city manager to execute certain contracts without prior individual approval by the city councilView Meeting
O2000-49Withdrawl of Excise Tax Ballot MeasureView Meeting
O2000-47Special Election for Approval of Excise Tax View Meeting
OrdinanceTitleAdoption Meeting
O1999-48Hours of Operation, City OfficesView Meeting
O1999-46Adopting a master fee scheduleView Meeting
O1999-45Amending the city's 1999 budget ordinance, 099-24View Meeting
O1999-44Budget for the 2000 fiscal yearView Meeting
O1999-43Fixing the amount of tax leviesView Meeting
O1999-42Amending ordinance no. 099-29, the interim Sammamish development codeView Meeting
O1999-41Regulations for moving buildingsView Meeting
O1999-39Emergency planning committeeView Meeting
O1999-38System of registration of bonds and obligations of the cityView Meeting
O1999-37Parks and Recreation CommissionView Meeting
O1999-36Authorizing General Obligation BondView Meeting
O1999-35Amending ordinance no. 099-21View Meeting
O1999-34Electronic security devicesView Meeting
O1999-33Compensation plan for permanent city employeesView Meeting
O1999-32Sammamish Plateau Water and Sewer District, Northeast Sammamish Water and Sewer District, and Puget Sound EnergyView Meeting
O1999-31Boating regulationsView Meeting
O1999-30Nuisance activitiesView Meeting
O1999-29Interim Sammamish development codeView Meeting
O1999-28Land use and zoningView Meeting
O1999-27Leasehold excise taxView Meeting
O1999-26Compensation plan for permanent city employeesView Meeting
O1999-25Compensation plan for permanent city employees; and establishing an effective dateView Meeting
O1999-24Budget for the start-up period of May 8, 1999 through December 31, 1999View Meeting
O1999-23Model traffic ordinanceView Meeting
O1999-22Speed limitsView Meeting
O1999-21Traffic infractionsView Meeting
O1999-20Disclosure of public recordsView Meeting
O1999-19Legal defenseView Meeting
O1999-18Hours of Operation, City OfficesView Meeting
O1999-17Surface water managementView Meeting
O1999-16Salaries for all city councilmembers; providing for severabilityView Meeting
O1999-15Buildings and constructionView Meeting
O1999-14General penalty provisionsView Meeting
O1999-13Animal controlView Meeting
O1999-12Admissions and Entertainment TaxView Meeting
O1999-10City ManagerView Meeting
O1999-9Franchise to TCI Cablevision for operation of public service businesses in the city of SammamishView Meeting
O1999-8Gambling TaxView Meeting
O1999-7Office of city managerView Meeting
O1999-6Bonding of City OfficialsView Meeting
O1999-5Sales and use taxView Meeting
O1999-4Sales and use taxView Meeting
O1999-2Revolving Line of CreditView Meeting