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Recycling Collection Event and Bin Sale

Date and Time
Saturday, April 17, 2021
9:00 AM to 3:00 AM

The City of Sammamish will be holding a Recycling Collectin Event and Bin Sale on Saturday, April 17, 2021, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at Eastside Catholic High School.

No vehicles may enter after 3:00 pm. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Please be safe - wear masks, gloves, and pack your items so they can be removed quickly.

The City will provide for the collection of:

  • CONFIDENTIAL DOCUMENT SHREDDING: Shredding and recycling of confidential paper materials. Limit 4
    file-size boxes. No exceptions.
  • STYROFOAM BLOCKS AND PACKING PEANUTS - White styrofoam blocks. Packing peanuts (any color). All
    materials must be clean and dry. No urethane foam cushions, hot tub covers, expanded polypropylene or foam
    insulation. Expanded polystyrene only. Look for the #6 or EPS inside the recycling symbol. Packing peanuts:
    please keep in box or bag.
  • CARDBOARD: Please flatten. No wax-coated cardboard.
  • MATTRESSES - Mattresses and box springs, any size. $15 per mattress and $15 per box spring (cash
    only). Vendor reserves the right to refuse any item it cannot recycle. No furniture or frames. No wet or
    soiled items.
  • PROPANE TANKS: Residential five gallon tanks only. $5 (cash only).
    PORCELAIN TOILETS AND SINKS: Toilet seats, hardware, and base wax rings must be removed. $15
    (cash only).
  • REFRIGERATORS / FREEZERS: $30 (cash only) will be charged for each refrigerator or freezer. $35
    (cash only) will be charged for each household air conditioner. Please be prepared to pay at event entrance.
  • BULKY WOOD: Includes tree branches (minimum 6 inches in diameter), logs, clean wood, plywood, pallets,
    and other untreated and unpainted wood. No leaves, grass, branches, sod, brush, painted, or stained wood.
    Please lay a tarp under material for ease of removal. Do not need to remove nails from wood.

Rain Barrel, Compost, and Worm Bin Sale. To encourage the use of recycled content material and
more efficient use of water, the City is offering rain barrels at a huge discount. In addition, start backyard
composting with a compost bin to save resources and money. Composting is a natural process that turns
yard waste into rich soil. Yard waste contains mostly water. Once the material decomposes, rich soil is all
that’s left. Worm bin composting is an efficient way to convert kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich compost
for your garden. Simple to assemble and can be stored in or outside. Items made from recycled plastic.

Please see here for further details on this recycling event.