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James Jordan

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All documents (physical, electronic) and records of any type regarding the following: any propsed application for a subdivision, short subdivision, or conditional use permit, or any type of development, for the corner of SE 4th and 222nd Place SE in the "Town Center", including but not limited to the following addresses on SE 4th: 22225, 22245, 22251. Applicant/representaive contact affiliated with this was previously identified as Lafe Hermansen/Core Design, Inc. and purported to be related to a neighborhood meeting first set for May 30, 2017 at 5:30 pm at Sunny Hills Elementary (notice dated 5/6/17; was cancelled). Thank you. James 1/17/18, 11:04 am.

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1/23/18-Emailed Mr. Jordan that we are working on his request and hope to have it filled in 5-7 business days.AK 1/23/18 - Followed up with an email specifying we would have a response by Feb 2, 2018. - TCM - 1/25/18 Emailed via Hightail TRAKit records. AK 1/31/18-Emailed electronic email records and closed request. AK 2/12/18 - Reopened request. Waiting for response from Kellye. - TCM 2/20/18-Emailed Mr. Jordan search is complete. AK 3/1/18 - Downloaded responsive files onto usb flash drive for requestor. - TCM