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Want communications and materials from SPW-Sammamish Plateau Water & sewer district to City Council or City Staff since 1-DEC-2017. Looking for materials and input related to Stormwater Code Amendments and/or maps specifically. General Manager Jay Krauss had a handout on 1-16-18 and likely there were other materials or communications by email or paper in December 2017 or earlier this year Jan 2018. Also, if city staff or any councilmember has received inputs or communications from NESSWD-NE Sammamish Sewer and Water District... please provide that info and materials as well.

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1/23/18 - Searching for responsive documents. - TCM 1/24/18 - Sent email with estimated return date of Feb 2. - TCM 2/2/18 - Sent via Hightail all responsive documents currently collected. Awaiting response from 3 current/former Councilmembers and signed affidavits from 8 to complete request. - TCM 3/7/18 - Provided remaining Councilmember affidavits via email and closed request. - TCM