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Aurora Purcell

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All documents related to the permits issued for parcel 202506-9135. Specifically the documents for the SSDP2016-00183 and DOC2017-01520 and any related documents on record for the parcel. I would also like to pull the permits all permits for the short plat SHP2000058; Saunders Short plat again for confirmation. Parcel numbers for the short plat are 202506-9025, 202506-9133, 202506-9149, 202506-9148. I need the information for the beach parcel, 202506-9135, ASAP for a meeting with the HOA if possible and just need the other information to make sure I have all the correct copies in my files for the short plat. I appreciate your assistance. Kindest Regards, Aurora

CLARIFICATION: Would like all records for the parcels listed including items previously provided for previous PRRs.

Status Detail

2/6/18 - Sent files from TRAKiT for DOC2017-01520, resent files for PRRs 1125, 1135, 1437, 1656, 1689, 1784, & 1866, and have paper file for SSDP2016-00183 available for review at front counter. Awaiting clarification of request. - TCM 3/7/18 - Sent email to requestor asking for clarification. - TCM 3/29/18-I called Aurora today asking her to contact the city about her request and if she still needs documents.AK 3/29/18 - Spoke with requestor to clarify request. Still wants it fulfilled - all records for the parcels listed including items previously provided for previous PRRs. - TCM 4/23/18 - Completed scans of all paper files responsive to request. Sending potentially exempt content to CAO for review. - TCM 5/2/18 - Sent additional files for review to City Attorney. Will receive installment 1 by May 15; Installment 2 by May 24. Sent all non-exempt responsive records via Hightail to requestor. - TCM 5/24/18: Received remaining non-exempt files from KD. Sent to requestor via HIGHTAIL. LH 5/29/18 - Provided requestor with all files again via Hightail, including exempt and nonexempt content merged together back into original documents (CAO split them apart, leaving exempt content disassociated from nonexempt content). All records have now been provided and request closed. - TCM