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Miki Mullor

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Please provide all ELECTRONIC documents that include any of the following terms: Samwick Brennan STCA INNOVATION REALTY - from the last 24 months. - Including but not limited to documents that have the terms in meta data, such as from email address, to email address.

Status Detail

2/22/18 - Sent the first installment of responsive records via Hightail. - TCM 4/6/18 - Provided second installment with expected completion date of 4/27/18. - TCM 5/4/18 - Provided third installment of responsive records via email. Attorney-reviewed emails now expected to be returned by 6/1/18. - TCM 6/13/18 - Provided attorney-reviewed emailed and remaining affidavit via Hightail. Closed request. - TCM