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  1. Please send me a copy of the email the RPF was sent to, and all firms it was sent to, and how City Staff determined to send it to those firms, as previously requested.

  2. Is this the only place that the City of Sammamish advertised?

  3. I have sent more requests in around BERK.  I see they have worked before for this city.  I will investigate this thoroughly.

  4. As per my request people tell me the people who decided to go along with BERK (people on the review team), their relationship with BERK, and who and  how Eagle was graded at a 55.

  5. I would like to question in person the allegations that the proposal did not
    "1. Staff expertise and overall experience of personnel assigned to the work.
    2. Background and experience with similar projects."  The proposal and the resumes clearly stated the opposite.

UPDATE: Clarification received - requests pertain to BERK and the Police Service Study.

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NOTE: These are additional requests made after/ related to PRR# 1967. LH 3/2/18 - Provided expected completion date of April 13, 2018. - TCM 3/12/18 - Provided updated expected completion date of May 4, 2018. - TCM 3/29/18 - Sent copy of email with RFP distribution. - TCM