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Rick Aramburu

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Copies of notes, correspondence, communications including emails, texts, tweets, notes, records of telephone conversations and any other recording of communication(s), and any contracts or proposed contracts with consultants(s) or qualified professional(s) who may be or have been hired to make a determination concerning the "No Disturbance Area" on or near the Clifford Cantor property, parcel ID 322506-9019. 

3/1/18: Update: Please remember we seek correspondence, notes or any type of materials regarding any activity by city personnel or representatives of any kind regarding discussion of the NDA issue, discussion of hiring someone to review, documents that might be used, discussions with potential reviewers, etc., etc.  

From Carol at Araburu's office: Date range for emails - 12/15/17 - to tomorrow! (3-7-18)

4/10/18:Sent 1st installment of attorney reviewed emails via HIGHTAIL. Second installment is due on or before May 18. LH

5/18/18: Sent 2nd installment of attorney reviewed emails via HIGHTAIL. Final installment is due on or before June 15. LH

6/27/18: Final installment resent via HIGHTAIL.  LH

Status Detail

Forwarded to Ryan Harriman for response. LH 3/7/18: email search in OUTLOOK. LH 3-13-18: Sent responsive emails to Aramburu's office and 3 documents. LH 3-13-18: Sent confidential emails for review to Kenyon-Disend. LH (Estimated completion date of April 10) 4-10-18: Sent first installment of reviewed emails to requestor. Second installment expected May 18. LH 5/18/18 - Third and final installment of files expected to be returned from CAO on or by 6/15/18. - TCM