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Layna Crofts

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All emails, documents, invoices, canceled checks, texts etc. on the “skyline community Sports Field”.

The address of the field.

Who uses this field.

Who in the City decided to pay 1.4mm for this?

Who from the school board asked the City for pay for this?

List of all other parks attached to schools that Sammamish is paying for.

List of all recommendations that the school board(s) want Sammamish to pay for.

Any and all revenue that comes in for Sammamish for these school parks.

CLARIFICATIONS: (1) Time period for request is 1999 to present and (2) for all phases of Skyline projects.

Status Detail

3/12/18 - Provided expected completion date of September 14, 2018 - TCM 4/11/18 - Requested clarification regarding a time period and whether "who uses this field" would encompass the rental contracts. - TCM 4/18/18 - Received clarification for time period - 1999 to present. - TCM 5/11/18 - Received clarification #2 that the requested records would include all project phases. - TCM 5/3/18: Response from Shelby Perrault: 1. Skyline Phase II Turf Replacement project documents – one month (June 3) 2. Skyline Phase I and II project documents – three months (Aug. 3) 3. Skyline Phase I and II, along with remaining information related to maintenance and other documents from 1999 – six months (Nov. 3) a. please note that the maintenance invoices may not be project specific, but overall park costs. 5/24/18: Completed review of emails. Sent emails to be reviewed to KD. Estimated completion date for review is ??. 7/12/18 - Added attorney-reviewed emails to USB Flash Drive and sent email to requestor. - TCM 8/9/18: 2nd installment due date revised to 8/27/18. LH 8/24/18: second installment added to USB Flash Drive for requestor. LH 1/22/19 - Records have been added to USB drive and are available for requestor at City Hall. - TCM