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Robert Sorensen

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Please provide all documents related to STCA, LLC and their development plans for acquired properties located north of SE 4th Street and West of 228th Avenue SE, including emaiils from other citizens regarding this property. IN addition, please provide any information regarding the proposed stormwater feasibility study.

Status Detail

3/20/18 - Sent email with expected completion date of June 1, 2018. Offered to send records currently available for #1964, #1968, and/or #1971 as they are similar, available now, and would fulfill part of the request. - TCM 4/6/18 - Provided additional installments of records for the above similar PRRs. - TCM 4/17/18 - Requested clarification regarding second sentence. - TCM 5/1/18 - Gathered additional responsive records. Worked on email search. - TCM 5/4/18 - Requested clarification on whether responsive records would include those referencing the Town Center in general, of which STCA-properties would be a part, or whether the more literal reading of records pertaining only the STCA-properties are of interest. - TCM 5/7/18 - Received an email stating that no further records are required and to close the request. - TCM