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Dana Rasmussen

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Greetings Darci, thank you very much for taking my call regarding Tedd Bode and permits for parcel 8562901580 address 442 211th Ave NE, Sammamish-Lovely residence. Per my inquiry, please provide me with copies of all permit applications, inspection reports and correspondence from Mr. Bode. As stated, any documentation of the city’s interaction with Mr. Bode is needed for my file whether that be through online submittals, telephone inquiries or in person. I have found these permit numbers through the MyBuildingPermit portal, if there are more please include them. BLD2016-01423 BLA2016-00130 BLD20165-01423 Duplicate ELC2017-03585 Again, thank you for your assistance. Should you have questions, please call me or email at the information below.

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3/21/18 - Received and fulfilled by Permit Center. - TCM