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repeat Hello Aaron and Tammy, I am sorry my question is so confusing. Please let me know if this makes sense to you. -I have received other city's general fund break-downs, so I know Sammamish has the same thing. If I can come in and look for you to make it easier, I will! Let me be more explicit with my questions and what I am looking for. For Sammamish's general fund expenditures on page 6 of the 2017-2018 Mid-Biennial Budget , I need the specific break-down for each expenditure for: City Council, City Manager, Finance, Legal Services, Administrative Services, Facilities, Police Services, Fire Services, Emergency Management, Public Works, Social and Human Services, Parks and Recreation, and Non-Departmental. For example: City Council 2017-2018 Revised Budget $980,900.00. List under this everything that the $980k includes. Such as... City Council Monthly Payments: City Council Retreat (date): City Council Retreat (date): City Council Food (date): City Council Insurance: etc... Please let me know if you understand this and when you can get me these answers. Thanks! Layna

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4/5/18 - Provided expected completion date of April 27, 2018. 4/26/18 - Previously provided previous 5 years' worth of GL reports. Encompassed within those are the records requested in this PRR. Closed request as records have already been provided. - TCM