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Jeff Mead

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All of the the City of Sammamish's inspector logs relating to: Best Parking Lot Cleaning, Inc.; and all the city's inspector logs relating to Prevailing Wage Project 212th Way SE Sammamish, WA, covering the time period from January 2017 to present.

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4/25/18-Emailed 5 day response. I called Mr. Mead asking for clarification. He said he would call me back or email with clarifications. AK 4/27/18-Sent email to Jeff asking for clarification. AK 4/30/18-Jeff sent clarification. 5/2/08-Sen estimated fulfillment date 5/9/18, sent to PW. AK 5/9/18 - Sent new expected completion date of May 25, 2018. Awaiting assistance from PW to locate responsive records. - TCM 5/14/18 - Sent first installment of files via Hightail. Awaiting second installment from Jim Grueber. - TCM 5/24/18-Sent 2nd and final installment of request. AK