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On Feb 15, 2018, 3:58 PM, Kellie Stickney sent an email to the council members with talking points regarding the YMCA. - please provide a copy of the email sent by Ms. Stickney with all attachments. - in the body of the email, Ms. Stickney references a "full legal opinion" "1. Is the relationship between the YMCA and the City unconstitutional? ( No-please see the full legal opinion from City Attorney Mike Kenyon)" If the referenced legal opinion is not an attachment to that email, please provide the original unedited legal opinion from the City Attorney, including all meta data associated with the document. - In her email, Ms. Stickney also asserts: "b. Had the City decided to operate the facility ourselves, we were estimating an annual subsidy of $400k (this is likely a low estimate)." Please provide all documents Ms. Stickney used as basis for this assertion. Thank you

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5/2/18 - Provided expected completion date of 5/11/18. - TCM 5/15/18 - Provided search parameter screenshots and email from Kellie Stickney. Awaiting review of legal opinion email from CAO. - TCM 5/16/18 - Waiting for estimated review completion date from CAO for final record in request. - TCM 5/18/18 - Provided final installment of records via email. - TCM