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Eva Otto

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Hello, I am looking for all public records relating to a vacant parcel with no address: 1) Request all email information recorded for parcel 124110-0014 located on Main St in the town center. 2) Request all email or other coorespondence with City Staff/Planners and owner of the property Brian Gaines. 3) Request any permit approvals or coorespondence about development on this parcel between city staff and property owner or consultants. Thank you!

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5/24/18-Sent 5 day letter with expected due date of 6/24/18. AK 6/29/18 - Sent installment 1 of files. Still waiting to hear back from staff about whether additional responsive records exist. - TCM 7/2/18 - Provided 2 additional emails as provided by Doug McIntyre. Closed request. - TCM