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Peter Super

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I am requesting copies of the wetland rating form and any related notes on file with the City of Sammamish for the wetland identified as "East Lake Sammamish #1509". Up until recently this information was available of the city's website; however, the rating form is no longer available online. I am also requesting all available background documentation and notes related to the rating. The requested information is associated with a limited citywide wetland inventory completed by the City of Sammamish staff (Kathy Curry) on or about of 06/2006. Thanks!

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6/21/18 - Provided wetland rating form and photo from old webpage. Need to research whether additional records exist regarding the wetland. Expected completion date is December 31, 2018. - TCM 7/9/18 - Sent email with additional resources on the website. Still working with staff to determine whether additional responsive records exist. - TCM 8/15/18 - Forwarded GIS Team's explanation and screenshots to Mr. Super and closed request. - TCM