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I am requesting all records, maps, reports, correspondence, and email by, to, or from Chad Armour, LLC and Kathy Curry under the building permits on file for Lots A, B, C and D of Sammamish BLA #003009. Parcel numbers are: 3425069043, -9072, -9084, -9117, and -9139. Time period for the information request is roughly 2005 through 2009. I am most interested in obtaining copies of a critical area assessment and delineation report by Chad Armour dated July 18, 2005 and any related review notes and correspondence by or from City staff as well as a subsequent 12/15/05 site visit by City staff. I have map showing that Kathy Curry reviewed the sites on 12/15/05. Thanks!

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6/21/18 - Requested paper file from archives, due to arrive June 29, 2018. Other portions of request expected to be complete by December 31, 2018. - TCM 7/3/18 - Requestor viewed paper files at City Hall. - TCM 9/10/18 - Conducted email search; returned no responsive records. Provided search paramater screenshot and closed request. - TCM