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Richard Johnson

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Please provide the Traffic Forecasting Model Documentation Report Thanks

CLARIFICATION: Regarding what "Traffic Forecasting Model Documentation Report" is being sought:

"From page T.37 of the  Comp Plan Transportation Element:

These general steps of the modeling process are described in the following sections, and the technical aspects of the model are described in detail in the Traffic Forecasting Model Documentation Report (DEA 2012), which has been produced for the city as a supplemental document to the Comprehensive Plan."

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7/17/18-Emailed asking for clarification. AK 7/26/18 - Sent follow-up email regarding clarification, providing date of closure (8/16/18) should clarification not be received. - TCM 8/21/18 - Requested record could not be located, however a previous version was located and provided. Provided via email. Closed request. - TCM