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Helena Schecter

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I am submitting a Public Records Request for any current Bulk Fuel Contracts - Regular Unleaded, Mid-Grade, Premium and Diesel in 2018. I would like copies of the following: 1. Copy of current price agreement 2. Terms and conditions of the contract 3. Bidding Tabulations 4. Letter of Intent to Award 5. List of Supplier names who participated in the bid 6. Last 3 Suppliers invoice for gas & diesel to include Suppliers delivery paperwork (Bill of lading and corresponding delivery ticket) 7. If there is no contract, please provide the contact information for the FUEL Buyer a. Name b. Phone Number C. Email Address

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7/19/18 - Sent email with estimated completion date of August 17 2018. - TCM 7/20/18 - Determined that no responsive records exist. Closed request and informed requestor via email. - TCM