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Want trail location, path/sizes (width/length)/details City has or is pursuing for connection to/from Commons and Big Rock Park. Includes Lancaster Ridge and another neighborhood (likely Balmoral) subdivisions.

Include costs agreed and/or paid for getting public connectivity.

Provide also legal easement template being used if there is one standard impacted folks/HOA/or all owners in subdivision(s) will sign. If no std, and easements are custom, then please provide for each and all lot owners who have signed, agreed, or that are/will be requested to make this Trail/connectivity path a reality.

Timeframe for documented agreements, negotiations completed or in-process is likely 6mos to 1 year as I recall there being a fairly recent Executive Session of City Council the result of which was agreement to pay for easement/trail at least in Lancaster.

CLARIFICATION: Regarding what type of costs agreed/paid for getting public connectivity: "I am interested in the direct cost to buy/purchase the easement(s)"

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7/18/18 - Emailed requestor with expected completion date of Aug. 31, 2018 and Category 4. - TCM 8/16/18 - Sent requested records via Hightail and closed request. - TCM