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In the “Request Documents” section, mention that Tony identified the permit # for the address. As well as the box number at its offsite location. The Permit # is 02-00896. It is in Box #DCD385. I am looking to see if this address is in your jurisdiction and am looking for a site plan, which shows the footprint/measurements from each side of the house to the property lines for this address. WA-Gary Scott 2225 E Beaver Lake Dr Se Sammamish, WA 9807 May you please send it to me if you have it on file. I would greatly appreciate it.

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7/27/18 - Requested that record be retrieved from archives. Should be available by 8/6/18. - TCM 8/3/18 - Sent scanned copy of BLD2002-00896 via Hightail and closed request. - TCM