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Peter Starzynski

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Pursuant to Washington State Public Records Act I am requesting an opportunity to obtain copies of public records that include:

1. All permits granted to Conner Homes LLC and any subcontractor working for Conner Homes LLC., between January of 2017 and Present. This may or may not relate to their "Meadowleaf" development in Sammamish. -and-

2. Any communications between any staff or elected officials of Sammamish and any staff of Conner Homes LLC and/or subcontractors working for Conner Homes LLC between the dates of January 2017 and present. The staff of Conner Homes may have identified themselves as being associated with their “Meadowleaf” development in Sammamish.

Thank you for considering my request.

Status Detail

9/13/18 - Provided responsive records for point #1. Point #2 is estimated to be complete by 11/30/18. Shared email search query and requested feedback on whether edits are necessary - will process as-is if no word by 9/21/18. - TCM 10/12/18 - Sent responsive records via Hightail and closed request. - TCM