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Request received via email by Darci Donovan, Permit Center Manager: "Hi Darcy. My name is Jay DeCoons and we bought our home on Dec. 1st 2017 at 24367 NE 26th CT in Sammamish. Our builder would not provide us a final set of plans that were submitted to Sammamish. Would it be possible for me to come by your office and get a set of approved plans for our home? I have a home improvement project in our backyard that we're thinking about so we would like to review the plans. Please let me know if this is something you could even email me or if I need to pay a fee to print out. Thanks for your help here! Best, Jay"

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9/25/18 - Request received and fulfilled by Darci Donovan. Request received via email and files sent via Hightail. - TCM