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Hello, would you please help me get a copy (digital is preferred; whatever works best for the city will certainly be appreciated though) of the permit package that was submitted for a garage addition on our property in 2008. The permit number is BLD2008-00167.  It would be hugely appreciated if you are able to find ANY other documents related to the landslide that happened on this property in spring of 2017. Or if you could find documents that indicate this property is a critical area or has a risk for soil movement at any time in the past or future. For example, the above mentioned permit has an except that says, "I know there is an electronic entry for this permit that says, "however, the applicant should be advised that future expansions to the residence may not be approved and/or a critical areas study may be required." Maybe there was a study done by the engineers with the City? Maybe there is correspondence from the property owner inquiring? My neighbor was aware of the situation and might have reached out to the City engineers. I know the City is aware from later discussions at town meetings. Is there email traffic that might have characterized the situation or who was involved? The Zackuse Basin Plan might have included studies or findings that involved our property. Our property borders a property that is impacted by the project. The owner of the property is Gary Mahn. Hopefully this helps with what you're looking for. Thank you for your time and effort. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to further explain. Anything you might be able to find would well received. Jacey Harder

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10/9/18 - Sent first installment via Hightail. Second/final installment expected no later than Oct. 19, 2018. - TCM 10/11/18 - No additional responsive records located. Closed request. - TCM 11/16/18 - Scanned permit file BLD2008-00167 per request and sent via Hightail. - TCM