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We’re starting a family and my Mother In Law is moving in with us possibly next year. We are asking contractors to quote us for adding a bedroom. Before they will work with us they need to know how many bedrooms our septic system is allowed. I called the King Country Health OSS office and the latest documentation they have is from 1972, which they don’t think is the latest since the home was built from the ground up in 2008. They asked that I contact Sammamish to determine what was permitted for the new OSS in 2008 and if you might have the latest documentation. Do you have that information? Or can you tell me how many bedrooms are allowed on our property? We just want to start working with contractors to determine if this is a possible option. Parcel ID – 3575305380 Address – 905 211th PL NE, Sammamish, WA 98074 Thank you! Lily

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10/11/18 - No responsive records exist. Scanned and sent application for BLD2007-00409 for reference and closed request. - TCM