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Any records dated June 17, 2013, until June 18, 2018, regarding the maintenance, repair, or various projects of the roads and sidewalks of SE 8th Street bounded by 228th Avenue SE and 2238th Avenue SE to the west and east, respectively.

CLARIFICATION: The boundaries should be 228th Avenue SE and 238th Avenue SE.

CLARIFICATION: With respect to the attachment you listed (SeeClickFix report), were there any other reports or requests to repair the sidewalk in front of the house at 23506 SE 8th St.?  If not, then when was the last reported issue on that stretch of road (the entirety of SE 8th Street bounded by 228th Avenue SE and 238th Avenue SE)?

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10/24/18 - Requested clarification via email and received it. - TCM 11/14/18 - Provided additional responsive work order screenshot from 2017. Aiming to complete email search by 11/16/18. - TCM 11/15/18 - Completed email searches and located no responsive records. Sent screenshots of email search queries along with email response and closed request. - TCM