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Jake Carter

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Request received via Email to Permit Center: "Please scan all documents needed from prior approval and I will pay when i pick up"  Missy replied with the following permit file numbers and instructions that "He would like all plan sets preferably scanned."

  • BLD2013-00668
  • BLD2013-00669
  • BLD2013-00670
  • BLD2013-00671

Status Detail

11/5/18 - Spoke to requestor on phone. Will have scanning for BLD2013-00670 and BLD2013-00671 done by Mail Post and requestor will reimburse for cost. Expected completion date is end of day 11/5/18. Rest of scanning will be completed by City staff with next installment expected 11/16/18 and final completion date 12/28/18. - TCM 11/13/18 - Scanned and sent BLD2013-00669/ROC2015-01742 plans via Hightail. - TCM 11/14/18 - Scanned and sent BLD2013-00668 plans via Hightail - TCM 11/15/18 - Scanned and sent BLD2013-00669 plans via Hightail and closed request. - TCM