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Jake Evans

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BLD 2007-00090 Construction permit for house on E BeaverLake Drive ~1500. Specifically I need to see if the driveways to the 2 south lots were permitted. Many Thanks. Jake Evans Admin. TC Legend Homes.

CLARIFICATION: Request is in regard to 1501 E Beaver Lake Drive; Lot 1 on the site plan provided by requestor.

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11/29/18 - Requested clarification on which property records are being requested for. - TCM 12/12/18 - Clarification received. - TCM 12/14/18 - Provided expected completion date of 12/19/18. - TCM 12/17/18 - Provided responsive records, offered to recall paper file for BLD2006-00249 from offsite storage, and closed request. Will reopen if requestor wants this file recalled. - TCM