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Jeff Peterson

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Request received via email with subject line: "Soil nail wall and MOC stormwater pond"

"In regards to our conversation yesterday, our geotechnical team is looking to get as-built civil plans and the Geotech report associated with the Soil-Nail wall and retention/infiltration pond at the citys MOC facility on 244th Ave NE to make sure there are no issues we need to address in our 18th Sammamish Assemblage planning. ... trying to limit the request to these two items rather than get the entire project file."

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1/4/19 - Request received by Haim Strasbourger and forwarded to Clerks to process as a PRR. - TCM 1/8/19 - Sent email with geotech report and informed that as-builts are in paper and available for review at City Hall. - TCM 1/8/19 - Located electronic civil plan set and sent via Hightail. Closed request. - TCM 1/9/19 - Requestor notified City that additional records are requested. Reopened request. Located records and sent them via email. Closed request. - TCM