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Re: East Lake Sammamish Trail ("ELST") Segment 2B --SSDP2016-00415 I have the December 28, 2016 notice (see above) which I understand went to property owners including 2811 E. Lake Sammamish Parkway SE (the "Parcel") My request concerns any communications regarding this Parcel for the years 2014 up to the 12/18/16 notice. Please include any communications with the record owner (York Hutton--to mid 2015) and Chris and Tara Large (current owner).


I would like to supplement this request with a very narrow interim request (in bold):

Regarding the December 28, 2016 Notice of Application for SSDP2016-00415(the Notice)

●A copy of the mailing labels from the applicant (King County) provided to the City for purpose of the City sending the Notice to parcel owners, and

●A copy of any mailing label showing the Notice was sent to Tax Parcel #4065100016(2811 E Lake Sammamish Parkway SE)

As discussed, the reason for this supplement is that it does not appear that this tax parcel is included in the “Tax Parcel Numbers” listed on page 2 of the Notice.

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1/16/19-Sent 5 day response.First estimated installment date 2/22/19. AK 1/29/19 - Sent via Hightail the scan of the notice of mailing affidavit for the 12/28/16 notice requested. - TCM 4/4/19 - Sent responsive records via Hightail and closed request. - TCM