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I am writing to get an update on the current status of the following project(s); could you please send the following information, if available, for the project(s) listed below? * Right-of-Way acquisition date * LET date * Preferred alternative * ROW plans or any map showing before and after ROW lines for the project. If final plans are not available, I would request copies of any draft or preliminary plans. Project(s): -Issaquah-Fall City Rd: Klahanie Dr SE to Issaquah-Beaver Lk Rd (Phase 2) -256th Ave SE/E Beaver Lake Dr SE/Issaquah Beaver Lake Rd-Construct roundabout Please be advised, I am no longer interested in the above requested documents if ROW acquisitions are complete or if ROW is not required. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your time and assistance!

CLARIFICATION: "The term “LET date” refers to the date construction is anticipated to begin."

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1/16/19 - Provided expected first installment date of Feb 1 and final completion date of Mar 1. - TCM 2/1/19 - Informed of ransomware attack and inability to provide first installment. Provided new expected completion date of 4/5/19. - TCM 3/15/19 - Provided update that 4/5 date is still on target and requested clarification for one item. If no response by 4/15, will consider that portion of the request abandoned. - TCM 3/27/19 - Determined there are no records responsive to the request. Emailed requestor and closed request. - TCM