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Good morning

The attached is a contract in effect between the city and a company called pro vac

In the contract , the company agreed to provide to the city a log of all clean up tasks completed that includes an electronic form map of locations of where the job has been done and invoices. Please provide all documents related to these log that were sent to the city in 2018

The contract also allows the contractor to submit invoices for reimbursement for any fees associate with dumping Stormwater in a decant facility. Please provide copies of any such invoices that the city received in 2018.

Thank you

CLARIFICATION: I would like to amend this request and expand it to include 2017 as well. 

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1/10/19 - Request received via email. Manually logged into system. File sent as attachment to email filed in PRR folder. - TCM 1/11/19 - Received an amendment/clarification to request to include the year 2017 as well. - TCM 1/17/19 - Sent email to requestor with expected completion date of February 15, 2019. - TCM 1/18/19 - Sent email to requestor explaining that we do not have records responsive to the request as written, however we have other records which may show some of the information being requested. Awaiting reply as to whether there is interest in these records. - TCM 1/18/19 - Provided first installment of records via Hightail. - TCM 3/8/19 - Provided final installment of records via Hightail. Closed request. - TCM