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Hi, Melonie and Lita-- For the month of June, 2017, could I please get all emails in the city system carrying the names of Scott Hamilton and Miki Mullor? Thanks! I'm not up to anything. Just trying to find an email I thought I had. Tim

CLARIFICATION: "All emails “TO” and “FROM” Scott Hamilton and Miki Mullor."

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1/17/2019: Emailed Mr. Larson to get clarification on search parameters. 1/17/19: received a response to choose Option #2: 2. All emails “TO” and “FROM” Scott Hamilton and Miki Mullor. 1/22/19: Conducted an email search and downloaded results. LH 3/18/19 - Sent responsive records via Hightail. Emailed requestor and closed request. - TCM 4/16/19: Received email from Tim Larson: "I now know why you couldn't find it. I recently stumbled across it in one of my own files an it was FROM: City Hamilton. So that explains it, I guess."