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Robert Gunther

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All records, reports, surveys, studies, correspondence, etc. relative to that certain real property located at 2215 244th Ave NE, Sammamish, WA 98074, KC Assessor's parcel # 2725069060 02.

Status Detail

1/23/19 - Provided expected completion date of 2/8/19. - TCM 2/25/19 - Sent email to requestor providing an update on the request and options for receiving installment 1 of records from TRAKiT. - TCM 3/14/2019 - Sent electronic files currently available via Hightail. Emailed update to requestor. PLN2006-00036 paper file available for review. Expected completion date 4/15/19. - TCM 3/19/19 - Sent responsive emails and additional file for PRA2014-00019 from P drive. Awaiting response on viewing PLN2006-00036. If no response by 4/15/19, will close request. - TCM 4/16/19 - Requestor did not indicate they wanted to view PLN2006-00036 within 30 days of notification. Marking request abandoned and closing. Emailed requestor. - TCM