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Brian Massey

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Last 3 months issued building permits (general contractors, electrical, plumbing etc. -- all permits for last 3 months) with this information: the company name (and personal name) and company address of the general contractor who pulled the permit the general contractor's contact phone number on the permit site address of worked to be performed on the permit the name of the owner of the site where work is being performed (i.e. who is having the work done?) the phone number of the owners listed on the permit (if available)

Status Detail

1/23/19 - Provided expected completion date of 2/8/19. - TCM 2/7/19 - Provided updated expected completion date of 3/8/19 - TCM 3/4/19 - Received report from Darci - sent via Hightail. Emailed requestor and closed request. - TCM