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Sarah Derstadt

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Building plans associated with permit #: BLD2018-01743. We are the neighbors and want to see the layout of the house/yard as planned on the property.

REVISED REQUEST: Made appt. to review entire permit file to determine what records they would like to request in addition to the plans.

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1/23/19 - Provided expected completion date of 2/8/19. - TCM 2/7/19 - Provided updated expected completion date of 3/8/19. - TCM 2/25/19 - Provided update with options to retrieve requested plans. - TCM 3/6/19 - Requestor's father, Mr. Brian, called and requested to view the permit file at City Hall. Made appt. for 1pm today. Reviewed records related to septic and site plans with requestor's father. Advised to make an appt with a planner to have technical questions answered. Will work to ensure appt is made by 3/8. Printed 2 pages for requestor and sent 2 files via Hightail (Final FIF and Approved Plans). Emailed requestor and Mr. Brian and closed request. - TCM