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On January 29 CM Valderrama posted on FB that during the 1/15 meeting: - "I was reading form a City document showing the potential expansion of Sahalee Way with this V/C where even 6 lanes may not suffice. " - "to continue reading City document showing that we were told we may need 4-6 new lanes on Sahalee under this V/C approach and that may not be enough." - "Frankly I thought it was inappropriate that some found it wrong to respond to comments by reading City documents showing that we were told we may need 4-6 lanes and $85 M - $100M on our current citizens backs." - "I was interrupted while refuting earlier statements by reading city documents on Sahalee and the potential need for 4-6 lanes. " Please provide all "city documents" CM Valderrama is referring to in his posts. This is a matter of high public interest. We would appreciate the city's prompt production. A couple of requests to CM Valderrama to provide these documents have not yield a response.

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1/30/19 - Provided expected completion date of Feb 8, 2019. - TCM 2/8/19 - Provided updated expected completion date of Feb. 15, 2019. - TCM 2/11/19 - Provided a PDF of the responsive record, however waiting for response from requestor as to whether the original is sought. We can only produce this once able to perform email searches again, likely in March or April due to cyber attack. - TCM 3/11/19 - Sent responsive record via Hightail and closed request. - TCM