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Riley Parker

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Any and all Transfer of Development Rights (TDR's) transferred from with in the City of Sammamish and purchased for use within the City of Sammamish, along with any TDR's transferred from outside the City of Sammamish to be used inside the City of Sammamish. Including sellers name, property address, and parcel numbers, of where TDR's originated. Buyer, and buyers address and Parcel numbers where TDR's will be transferred to. Also the price of each TDR. From 1/1/2000-2/2/2019. Thank you, Riley Parker

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2/11/19 - Located no records responsive to request. Referred to King County in case they have any. Email was returned with message stating the requestor's email box is full. Will attempt to call requestor when in the office on 2/12 or 2/13 depending on weather. - TCM