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Julie Steele

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Request: Please provide the following information regarding the legal department at your municipality:

1) 2019 salary schedule for all staff members

2) Staff organizational chart

3) Job title for each position

4) Job classification for each position

5) Job description for each position

Background: The City Attorney's Office in Bellingham, Washington is conducting an informal, salary review in our department.  Five years ago, a compensation study was performed, and we would like to receive current data on compensation rates for other selected legal departments in this state.  We are more than willing to share our salary schedule with you, per your request.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.

Status Detail

2/6/2019 - Request received via email with PDF public records request form attached. Unable to open or download files at present due to advisement from IT due to cyber attack. Requested Requestor to resubmit request via online form so we can access it. - TCM 2/13/2019 - Did not receive request via online form. Downloaded request as 5-day letter was due and inputted into this online system. Sent 5-day letter requesting clarification and providing expected completion date of October 29, 2019 if none received. - TCM 3/14/19 - Request withdrawn by requestor. - TCM