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Greetings, I am seeking information related to the existing application with the City re. parcel #3425069049. I represent the property owner who is in contract with the current applicant, Troy Schmeil, aka Sapphire Homes or Calidus Land Development. We understand that approval of Traffic Concurrency has been issued in January but do not understand what this means to the overall timeline for approval to build one single family home on the property today. If you could send to me electronically the documents that have been generated since the original preapp done by American Classic Homes in 2016, which I already have, that would be appreciated. I also would like to discuss next steps with the assigned planner for this parcel. This is time sensitive as I originally sent in a request before Christmas but did not follow up on it. Thank you for your assistance. Andrew Johnson in planning called me yesterday, 3/4, and was also trying to assist. I understand your computers are finally back running so hopefully some more info will be possible to obtain. Here is text of what i sent to Andrew by email earlier today: Below is from the applicant, Troy Schmeil, to me last fall: Joe – Per our conversation today I have gotten more information in the last 2 days. Bottom Line City of Sammamish – David Pyle needs to get a letter to health Department – Lynn for documentation and things to move forward on this and other septics submitted to health department that are in the City of Sammamish. Lynn talked to David Pyle this morning and he is aware and working on the letter. I have a call into him on when this will happen but think it will be in next couple of days. As background David Pyle had committed to sending a letter to health department when this was supposedly resolved months ago an it did not get done. The frustrating part is until I started pushing she did not tell anyone that this was holding things up and was holding up several septic permits in City of Sammamish jurisdiction. My Septic guy talked to Lynn this morning, confirmed this and also confirmed that she has talked to David and they are in agreement on the letter and he is aware that it is holding things up. Once this letter is delivered she will assign the septic review to a one of her employees and it will be reviewed which lately has been taking 6-8 weeks but I will see what I can do to move up. Please let me know if you have any questions. Troy Schmeil Cindy / Joe – Christopherson –We had the septic issue “resolved” between the City and health department I was told by both city and health department months ago and we turned in the septic a couple of months ago. A few weeks ago I followed up expecting that if not done at least it would be close and am not getting straight answers. Right now both my septic guy and myself are trying to get to bottom with Health department and City of Sammamish. I am hoping that it is just miscommunication and things can quickly get back on track but don’t have those answers yet. There is also the attached email which I got last week that I am trying to get answers to, I am pretty sure that it does not apply to this project but would like to confirm. One thing I can tell you is that my septic guy is now talking to the head of the health department so should be able to get figured out. One frustrating part is I have another project that is not in Sammamish whose permits we submitted after this one which I have already got approved. My hope is this gets resolved and they will get someone on top of it. I know the City required some new test pits for the septic and also a wetland study for the access through the property next door. The pre-app was done by the previous applicant, American Classic Homes, which will highlight the issues that the property has today re. wetland buffers, etc. Please see Page 5 in this PreApp report for a graphic illustration of the wetland impact. In closing (Joe Coakley speaking) I am hoping you can find more updated info in the system and where this property is today with getting approvals. Joe

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3/5/19 - Spoke with Mr. Coakley via phone after he left Lita a voicemail inquiring on the status of his request. We had no record of it and requested he submit it. He did which is this PRR, #2615. I provided the requested records from TRAKiT and also provided responsive email communications. Sent via Hightail and closed request. - TCM