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James Jordan

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All documents relating in any way, supporting, refuting, or relied upon in any way for the presentation by The Parks Department, including but not limited to the PowerPoint presentation, at the hearing before the Parks Board on March 6th 2019, relating to the proposed condemnation of Balmoral property for the proposed lower Commons to Big Rock Park Trail.

CLARIFICATION: I do not need the native working files for Photoshop Etc. However I do need any documents that were used to calculate figures that are presented in the PowerPoint. 

Status Detail

3/13/19 - Provided expected first installment date of 4/26/19 and expected completion date of 7/12/19. Also requested clarification. - TCM 3/14/19 - Received clarification and added to request text. - TCM 4/25/19 - Notified requestor that first installment of records are available. Added to USB along with responsive records to other ongoing and previous requests. - TCM 7/11/19 - Sent email notifying that installment 2 is available on the USB drive. Next installment expected 9/6/19. - TCM 10/17/19 - Sent email with expected installment date of 11/1/19. - TCM 11/20/19 - Provided 4th and final installment. Closed request. - TCM