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Want email Stephanie Sullivan told me she recalls she wrote summarizing info for 10 permits that were stuck in review related to Stormwater requirements. Timeframe 3/20/2018 Council reaffirmed authority for Public Works Director to Steve Leniszewski to work with those projects through June 18 (and I heard that 5 of the 10 did so.) Need any info on what those projects are/were by permit number, location, useful to consider as test cases for SW Code Amendments.

CLARIFICATION: Please provide the Memo, as I think that will likely fulfill this request,

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4/3/19 - Requested clarification. If not received by May 3, 2019, will interpret request as written with expected completion date of May 24, 2019. - TCM 4/4/19 - Received clarification. Provided responsive record via email and closed request. - TCM