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We are in contract to purchase a home in Sammamish at 22017 SE 4th St. I write to request historical permit records for the property: BLD2003-00764 - Original construction permit BLD2006-00764 - Detached garage BLD2008-00491 - Two air conditioning units BLD2010-00260 - Tree removal If it is possible to obtain these records before 4/18/2019 that would be ideal so that we can resolve some open questions during our inspection contingency window. Thank you for your time and assistance. Regards, Matthew Kerner

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4-12/19: emailed Mr. Kerner the requested permit details from TRAKIT. Requested if he would like the following ordered from Iron Mt. BLD2006-00764 (DCD639), BLD2008-00491 (DCD697) & BLD2010-00260 (DCD719). LH 4/15/19: scanned documents from Iron Mountain and emailed to Mr. Kerner. LH