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Sindhura Nimmagadda

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Dear Sir or Madam,

I am requesting a report of outstanding, uncashed, stale-dated checks (warrants) and/or unreconciled payments issued by the City, with regards to payments including, but not limited to, accounts payable, property tax and vendor overpayments, refunds or credits.

Understanding this is a fairly broad request, and your bookkeeping department may require specific parameters, such as dates or dollar amounts, please include all items older than 180 days and greater than $100.00 with the check number, payee name, issue date, and amount.

With your response please include:
1.      Any instructions or claim forms necessary to have checks re-issued.
2.      Does the City remit funds to the State Unclaimed Property Office?  If so, after what time period?
3.      If you do not remit funds to the State Unclaimed Property Office is there a point where the payee is no longer eligible to claim?

4.      How often and when is the report updated and/or released?
5.      Your City may maintain separate reports for vendor, accounts payable and property tax information.  If you do not have a consolidated list are you aware if multiple reports exist?  Will you refer me to someone that may help fulfill my request for the additional information?

Thank you in advance for your assistance with this request.

Status Detail

5/7/19- Emailed requested documents. AK